POROI Journal: Call for Papers

POROI: Special Issue:  Rhetoric, Economics, Culture, and Time  

Guest Editor: David Hingstman, University of Iowa

Rhetorical studies of economic exchange, some inspired by the pioneering work of Deirdre McCloskey, have been an integral part of the Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry’s mission since its inception.   This special issue of the POROI: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Analysis and Invention, calls for studies of the various ways in which concepts of reciprocity and temporality are constructed and communicated in practices of economic exchange. 

Appropriate papers will engage both how people communicate in specific kinds of exchange relationships and how those relationships appear and change as cultural phenomena that characterize ways and forms of life more generally.  

POROI Journal Volume 10, Issue 2 (2014) Now Published

Now available at the POROI Journal website

POROI Volume 10, Number 2 proudly presents a special, guest-edited issue devoted to the work of Alan G. Gross on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of The Rhetoric of Science, his seminal work in this field.  The issue opens with an Introduction by guest editors David Beard and Sara Newman.  It is followed by an ARST interview with Alan Gross conducted by the Association for Rhetoric of Science and Technology (ARST) and by a never before published paper by Thomas Kuhn about the very idea of rhetoric of inquiry.  Kuhn’s paper is introduced and contextualized by Edward Schiappa. 

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