Writing Science at the Writing University

These events are free and open to the public  

October 7 – 10, 2008

Tuesday, October 7th

Session I: Richard Kenney Poetry Reading: Ida Cordelia Beam Lecture

Location: Frank Conroy Reading Room, Dey House (map)

Wednesday, October 8th

Location: Sessions II-VI will take place in 1289 Carver Biomedical Research Building (map)

Welcoming Remarks

John Keller, Dean, Graduate College (Convener)
Sally Mason, President, University of Iowa

Session II: Communicating Science in Writing: Journalism and Other Genres: Ida Cordelia Beam Lecture

Chair: Chris Squier, College of Dentistry
David Brown, science reporter Washington Post, Lecturer
Respondents: Richard Kenney, Ida Cordelia Beam Lecturer, and Mark Blumberg, Department of Psychology, University of Iowa

Session III: Scientist Meets Writer: A Discussion

Moderator: Christopher Merrill, Director, International Writing Program
  • Edwin Stone, Department of Opthalmology, Howard Hughes Medical Investigator
  • Stephen Kuusisto, Nonfiction Writing Program, College of Medicine

Session IV: The Role of Writing in Learning Science

Chair: Jessica Renaud, Director, Judith R. Frank Business Communications Center
  • Brian Hand, College of Education
  • Mark McDermott, Science Education
  • Scott Coffel, College of Engineering
  • Margaret LeMay Lewis, UI Carver College of Medicine’s Writing Center

Session V: Writing Science Textbooks

Chair: Norbert Pienta, General Chemistry Coordinator; Director of UI Teaching and Learning
  • Patrick Reidy, Managing Editor, Biology Texts, McGraw-Hill Companies
  • Michael Lange, Vice President, New Product Launches, McGraw-Hill Companies
  • Ken Mason, Department of Biology

Session VI: Science and Subjectivity

Chair: David Depew, Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry; Communication Studies
  • Christine Brus, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
  • Deirdre Egan, Women’s Studies
  • Loreen Herwaldt, College of Medicine, Infectious Disease
  • David Brown, Washington Post
  • Dr. Gerene Denning, Research Scientist in Emergency Medicine

Thursday, October 9th

Session VII: Sandra Steingraber Ida Beam Public Lecture: Writing Rivers in the Footsteps of Rachel Carson

Chair: Jim Throgmorton, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Introduction: Barbara Eckstein, Associate Provost; English
Location: W401 John Pappajohn Business Building (map)

Friday, October 10th

Sessions VIII–X will take place in W401 John Pappajohn Business Building (map)

Session VIII: Science and Creative Writing

Chair: Amy Charles
  • Richard Kenney, Poet and Ida Cordelia Beam Lecturer
  • Amy Leach, Nonfiction Writer
  • Brian Falkner, International Writing Program
  • Lisa Schlesinger, Playwright
  • Karl Iagnemma, Principal Investigator, Robotic Mobility Group, MIT; Fiction Writer

Session IX: Reading by Karl Iagnemma, Principal Investigator, Robotic Mobility Group, MIT; Fiction Writer

Location: Rockwell Collins Conference Room, 3111 Seamans Center (map)

Session X : Writing the Iowa River

Chair: David Riley, Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination
  • Barbara Eckstein, Associate Provost
  • Cornelia Mutel, IIHR- Hydroscience & Engineering
  • Laura Rigal, American Studies; English
  • Laura Sayre, Writer
  • Sandra Steingraber, Ida Cordelia Beam Visiting Lecturer

Session XI: Articulating the Animal—Writing the Life and Mind of Primates

Chair: Les Margolin, Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry
  • Teresa Mangum, Department of English
  • Mary Trachsel, Rhetoric Department
  • Nigel Rothfels, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee